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Coastal Watersheds Enhancement Project


On February 4th, the California Department of Water Resources announced the Final Awards for the second round of their Proposition 84 Grant Program – including Gold Ridge RCD’s Coastal Watersheds Enhancement Project. 

 The Coastal Watersheds Enhancement Project pulls together various methods of conservation actions that seek to balance the needs of agriculture, rural communities, and wildlife.  It will support rural communities and agricultural producers in their water supply and management while at the same time restoring creek habitat and enhancing stream flows for salmonids and other aquatic organisms. The project will build on the RCD’s Water Conservation, Storage and Quality projects, expanding its focus area to include the Dutch Bill and Green Valley Watersheds, two of five Russian River tributaries identified as critical for near-term salmonid recovery.

 Some highlights of the project include: 

  • Improved water management as a result of large-scale water conservation and storage systems in Dutch Bill Creek;
  • Design and construction of rainwater catchment system on a dairy operation along Salmon Creek;
  • Reduce soil loss by proactively working with landowners on voluntary, small-scale erosion projects in order to stabilize sites before the damage is too large & too costly to address.

We are excited to announce the successful grant proposal funding as these projects further advance the RCD’s expanding water conservation program.  We are working to provide immediate benefits to creeks while advancing technologies to prepare communities for less predictable rainfall patterns in the future.  In addition to increasing streamflow, these creeks will benefit from salmon habitat improvements and sediment reduction. These components all contribute to the project’s integrated approach to water management, balancing watershed health with community water resource needs.

 For more information, please contact us at 707-823-5244 


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