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State Releases Final Safeguarding California Plan for Reducing Climate Risk

As08-16-2593The State of California is pleased to announce the release of the Final Safeguarding California Plan for Reducing Climate Risk.  California is a leader in the global effort to fight climate change.  While these efforts will reduce the magnitude of climate change, they will not prevent it from occurring.

California and the world’s climate are changing, posing dire threats to human health, the economy, and natural resources.  Extreme weather, rising sea levels, changing precipitation and other climate impacts will touch every part of peoples’ lives in the decades to come.  In the near term, we must take practical, affordable steps to maintain our water, power, and transportation infrastructure, and plan for longer term actions as well.

The Safeguarding California Plan provides policy guidance for state decision makers, and is part of continuing efforts to reduce climate impacts and prepare for climate risks.  Implementation of the Safeguarding California Plan will help foster a vibrant and sustainable future for California.

Any questions may be directed to Richard Stapler, Deputy Secretary for Communications, at or (916) 653-9402.

Learn more about the plan here.


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