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Drop a brick, feel better about the California drought


If every Californian dropped a brick in the toilet, according to founders of the Drop-A-Brick campaign, it’d save the state 67 million gallons of water a day. “The brick I dropped was the same size as my dad’s,” says a pigtailed girl in the project’s Indiegogo video.

The Drop-A-Brick founders aren’t hawking your typical red-clay bricks. And they aren’t suggesting a mass bowel movement, either. The Drop-A-Brick is a device that promises to save water by taking up room in your toilet tank. The old-school idea is that if you displace that extra half-gallon of water with a brick, you’re not using said amount to flush your toilet. The Indiegogo page says that Drop-A-Bricks are made of a nontoxic rubber, cost $15, and arrive in the mail squished flat. They’re filled with a hydro-gel that expands once you add a bit of water and makes the thing heavy enough to sink.

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