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Amid California’s drought, water chief preaches conservation – and balance


Felicia Marcus gets in the shower when it’s still cold.

As full-time chair of California’s State Water Resources Control Board, Marcus has a key role in how California stewards its finite resources during a devastating drought. So Marcus can hardly let precious water wash down the drain while she waits for the shower to heat up.

“Just using less and using it more wisely is No. 1,” Marcus said of her agency’s goals. “We’ve had the luxury of it just coming out of the tap – if you step back, it’s a miracle of civilization that we can have water as freely and inexpensively available to people that they can take it for granted.”

Drought consumes Marcus’ life. When she flies to San Diego, she peers out the window to see which lawns are green and which ones have been allowed to fade into yellow and brown. She bristles at restaurants that bring water to diners who haven’t requested it.

“Folks in large urban communities are hundreds of miles away from where the water comes from, so they don’t see what’s happening,” Marcus said. “There are people who are bathing out of buckets. There are people who are having to go to a community center to take a shower. There are farmers who are losing everything. There are farmworkers out of work.”

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Source:  The Sacramento Bee


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