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Drink Up: The Newest Craft Beers May Be Made With Wastewater

Seriously: purified wastewater is apparently ideal for brewing.


“If you want to talk about water, you ought to make beer.”

Those words of advice—from Oregon’s godfather of craft brewing, Art Larrance—launched a local wastewater treatment plant on a new mission a couple of years ago. In order to help Oregonians see wastewater as a valuable resource instead of, well, waste, they decided to partner with home brewers to turn the former sewage into tasty beer.

Clean Water Services, a utility near suburban Portland, already has unusually clean effluent. Because their treatment plant dumps into a very small river, the wastewater goes through a thorough process of ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, disinfection, and advanced oxidation.

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Source:  Adele Peters, Fast Company, February 4, 2015.


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