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Healthy Soil Initiative


Recently, the Brown administration recognized the important of soil health in the Governor’s 2015-16 proposed budget; “as the leading agricultural state in the nation, it is important for California’s soils to be sustainable and resilient to climate change. Increased carbon in soils is responsible for numerous benefits including increased water holding capacity, increased crop yields and decreased sediment erosion. In the upcoming year, the Administration will work on several new initiatives to increase carbon in soil and establish long term goals for carbon levels in all California’s agricultural soils. California Department of Food and Agriculture will coordinate this initiative under its existing authority provided by the Environmental Farming Act”. Consistent with this initiative, several actions have been identified to:

  • Protect and restore soil organic matter (soil carbon) in soils to ensure climate change mitigation and food and economic security
  • Identify sustainable and integrated financing opportunities, including market development, to facilitate increased soil organic matter
  • Provide for research, education and technical support to facilitate healthy soils
  • Increase governmental efficiencies to enhance soil health on public and private lands
  • Ensure interagency coordination and collaboration

A list of specific actions can be found here.


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