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Water’s critical role in the fight against poverty: Peter Gleick


It’s World Water Week!

So for today’s Humanosphere podcast, the hosts are talking with a scientist, Peter Gleick, who is world renowned for his work on perhaps our planet’s top natural resource – water – and why it is so critical to making progress against poverty, for economic justice, human development and, of course, environmental sustainability.

Gleick, who is also one of those MacArthur genius grant recipients, is director and co-founder of the Pacific Institute in Oakland, Calif.  Nearly a billion people today suffer from drinking contaminated water. Many diseases we try to prevent or treat with vaccines or drugs begin with dirty water. More than 2 billion people live in communities without proper sanitation. As anyone who even glances at the humanitarian sector can tell you, getting clean drinking water to people is perhaps one of the most popular equity and anti-poverty goals we have these days.

Listen to podcast here.

Source:  Gabe Spitzer, Humanosphere, August 24, 2015


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