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Let it rain! Reservoir water levels increase


Recent rainfall has helped saturate the parched ground and began to fill up our two local reservoirs, Lake Sonoma and Lake Mendocino.  Over the past seven days, Lake Sonoma has added 1,400 acre-feet of water and Lake Mendocino’s water level has increased by 1,500 acre-feet.  Below are current water supply levels for each reservoir and rainfall data as of December 21:

  • Lake Mendocino:  47% of water supply target, or 28,633 acre-feet
  • Lake Sonoma:  67% of water supply, or 165,591 acre-feet

Updated cumulative rainfall numbers for the time period of October 1 through December 20:

  • Ukiah:
    Average (1894-2015 water years) 10.96”
    Current Water Year: 7.38” which is 67.3% of average
  • Santa Rosa:
    Average (1950-2015 water years) 9.51”
    Current Water Year:  7.07” which is 74.3% of average

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