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Five Lessons from Australia’s Drought


After more than four years and counting, Californians have learned a thing or two about living with drought. A recent story in the Los Angeles Times said that Felicia Marcus, chair of the state water board, “can look back on the last year and see any number of advances being made in how Californians capture, use and even think about water.”

But the state still has a lot of problems to solve and more to learn in terms of how it handles and plans for drought. A new report , “Managing Drought: Learning from Australia,” may help boost that knowledge.

The report is a primer to show Californians what Australia did right and wrong during its Millennium Drought, which lasted a decade and a half, from 1997 to 2012. “Managing Drought” was a collective effort between the Alliance for Water Efficiency in Chicago, the Institute for Sustainable Futures in Sydney and the Pacific Institute in Oakland. Several California water utilities, including the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the Metropolitan Water District, chipped in funding for the research.

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Source:  Tara Lohan, Water Deeply, March 2, 2016


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