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Prop 1 Funding for storage projects: An overview of the Water Storage Investment Program

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With the passage of Proposition 1 in November of 2014, voters approved $7.5 billion for a variety of water projects and programs, with $2.7 billion of that set aside to pay for public benefits of water storage projects. The California Water Commission is the state agency tasked with allocating the money among eligible projects, and over one year since passage of the bond, the Commission preparing to begin the official rulemaking process for the regulations that will govern how the money will be spent.

The Commission’s program to distribute funding is formally known the Water Storage Investment Program.  At the fall conference of the Association of California Water Agencies, Paula Landis, Executive Officer of the California Water Commission, briefed attendees on the details of the program.

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Source:  Maven, Maven’s Notebook, December 14, 2015


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