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Socialize With Cows to Promote Soil Fertility

When Juan Alvez studied Agronomy in Brazil, his grazing mentors recommended that farmers that walked in the paddock or grazing strips for a few minutes previous to movingvthe cows to a fresh pasture, might stimulate soil fertility. If you are wondering how this is possible, read on and he’ll try to explain.

Before moving their animals, Brazilian farmers are advised to take time to walk observing their pastures, manure distribution, trampling and height of residual pasture. While they circulate, crisscrossing slowly among them, they also count and check cow’s health. Farmers know that cows want to be moved and when cows see the farmer, they immediately associate him/her with fresh pastures. However, by not moving them right away, cows become uneasy, with a mix of euphoria and stress. They want the fresh and luscious next strip of grass as soon as possible but the patient walk of the farmer among them seems endless. All this excitement causes them to move around. Impatiently, they walk, manure and urinate.

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Source:  Juan Alvez, On Pasture, September 8, 2014


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