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Revitalizing Wool: One Dish Mat at a Time

Written by Sasha Wirth and photographed by Kalie Ilana Cassel-Feiss, with landscape and sheep photos by Paige Green

A flock of sheep grazes on a golden hillside, on land that has been in the Pozzi family for four generations. Raised primarily for their meat, the shaggy pelts of these British breeds are coarse and thick – much too rough to end up in a knitting basket.  For years this posed a challenge for Joe Pozzi and his fellow ranchers. With little market for this type of fiber, it ended up being sold for next-to- nothing or used as erosion control and mulch in neighboring farms. But one day, all that changed.


In the early 90’s, a woman approached Pozzi and told him she was interested in purchasing the wool to use as stuffing in comforters. Studies and news reports were slowly emerging that linked fire-retardant chemicals in home furnishings with health concerns. Wool, she reasoned, doesn’t burn and would be a natural, toxin-free alternative.  Pozzi sensed an opportunity.


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Source: Posted on January 24, 2017 by Fibershed



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