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To Till or Not to Till

Source:  Eric Brennan, USDA ARS

No-till & conservation tillage agriculture is GROWING & has many BENEFITS over conventional till BUT also has challenges. Eric discusses this COMPLEXITY with COLORFUL examples & images, cutting-edge SCIENCE, and RESEARCH efforts to develop cover crop-based reduced-tillage methods for VEGETABLE production in California’s tillage-intensive Salinas Valley, (America’s Salad Bowl). Can these CARBON-FRIENDLY practices help sequester soil carbon and reduce CLIMATE CHANGE? Do no-till systems yield more? Should high-value organic & conventional vegetable farms eliminate or reduce tillage or should other LOWER HANGING fruit to increase agricultural sustainability be addressed first?

Eric Brennan’s Tillage Reading List of Scientific Literature…
The pdf files of these 10 paper can be obtained here from this 6MB zipped file… or use this 25MB zipped file link… to get pdf files of all papers noted in this reading list (i.e., the 10 in mentioned in the video and many others).

This information was first presented at the Ecological Farming Association Conference in January 2017 and at the California Climate and Agriculture Summit in February 2017, organized by the California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN).



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