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Of Creeks and Geeks

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“Frankly if we had another year of drought, that fish could be gone,” reported Dr. Robert Lusardi, a research ecologist and salmon expert with UC Davis.

“The key to restoring steelhead trout and salmon is promoting the habitats,” Lusardi said.

He identified numerous areas where California could work to ensure that the state’s salmon population isn’t totally wiped out within 50 years, as he emphasized, for example, a critical need to re-establish floodplains along the Yolo River.

Similar projects in the North Bay have appeared to bear some good results.

In Sonoma County, the Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District worked with the Thomas Creek Ranch Homeowners Association to restore lower Green Valley and Thomas creeks in Forestville as a winter coho salmon wetland habitat several years ago. Only recently, in the aftermath of the last drought, have those efforts borne fruit.

In Marin County, meanwhile, officials are cheering the performance of newly restored floodplains on Lagunitas Creek, one of the most productive coho salmon creeks in the state.

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Source:  Tom Gogola, Pacific Sun, March 14, 2018

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