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Maximizing Cover Crop Benefits for Growers

NRCS’s Lockeford Plant Materials Center conducts trials year-round to find plants and mixes that producers can successfully use to improve their soils. Lockeford PMC Manager Margaret Smither-Kopperl and Agronomist Valerie Bullard talk about some of their trials.

USDA-NRCS, Lockeford Plant Materials Center

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Lockeford, CA 95237
Shipping address: 21001 North Elliott Rd.
Phone: (209) 727-5319
Fax: (844) 206-6967

Loving a vanishing world


The truth is that the ocean that looks so beautiful and unchanging is well on its way to becoming a vast garbage dump full of plastic and of heavy metals, where little survives but jellyfish. It will not smell the same. Its colors will change. And most sea-birds, of course, will die with it.

So I want to ask you the same question I ask myself every time I’m entranced by the beauty of this world: what does it mean to love this place? What does it mean to love anyone or anything, in a world whose vanishing is accelerating, perhaps beyond our capacity to save the things that we love most?

Knowledge is responsibility, isn’t it? If we let this world die — if we let it be slaughtered by the shockingly small number of villains who have lied to us for decades — then we become complicit, because we are the only ones with the leverage to help it live again; those who come after us will have far less ability to do so, as we have far less ability than our parents would have (had they known the truth to the degree that we do). For better and for worse, we are the ones at the intersection of knowledge and agency. So how do we best use that leverage, and how do we find the heart to keep going when the realities of loss overwhelm us?

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Source:  Emily Johnston, from the May 5, 2019 Chrysalis Symposium at OSU’s Spring Creek Project

Emily is a poet, scribe, climate activist, runner, builder. Her book, Her Animals, is out now: