Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District

We inspire and partner with our community to protect the natural resources and agricultural future of our District.


Resource Conservation Districts provide free, non-discriminatory assistance and educational opportunities to agricultural producers, land users, educators, and anyone with land-based resource conservation needs, on a strictly voluntary basis. Conservation projects may include: conservation education, soil erosion control, water quality enhancement, range management, vineyard development, woodland, forestry and wildlife management, and watershed and stream enhancement.


Joe Pozzi, District Manager

Brittany Jensen, Executive Director

Noelle Johnson, Conservation Planner

John Green, Lead Scientist / Project Manager

Sierra Cantor, Ecologist

William Hart, Project Manager

Michele Harris, Bookkeeper

Adriana Stagnaro, Project Coordinator

Jason Hoorn, Project Manager

Jeremye Schroen, Field Technician

Mare O’Connell, Financial Manager

Erica Mikesh, Engineer


Board of Directors

Joe Dutton, President

Richard Hughes, Vice President

Torrey Olson, Treasurer

Ann Cassidy, Secretary

Melvin Sanchietti, Director

Bob Burke, Associate Director




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